ADT Courses       

Education in All in one Defensive Tactics for,

Event security officer
Security officer
Police officer
Close protection officer
Anti-terror units
Hospital Emergency staff
Fire fighters etc,

Individual and team courses due to you and your team or organisation demands or needs.

Learn how to be a professional and how to always do a live risk analysis to be mental prepared, to faster take decisions on the right action needed.

Individual reading to reach your maximal level, due to age length strength explosiveness. Not everybody can or are not supposed to use the same tactics or techniques.

The system is a defensive tactical system for all situations armed and not armed, learn how to adapt your use of force due to the actual situation and laws.
I book only also a theoretical seminar, which I always start my courses with to get the right mindset. Example on subjects in mental awareness and tactical scenario, human biological background and learn how recognize fear and aggressiveness. Learn how to manipulate the system and basic simple knowledge about our nervous system, myths and facts about hand to hand combat. Also learn you to use the same system and movements to implement your needs and weapon system in all range warfare and get a mind opener to advance faster.

I put in my own real-life experience from my background from military and security, armed and non-armed, alone or in team, from multiple attackers and riots etc. I have 26 years background in the use of force in professional scenarios, I have been a Instructor for 25 years and a total background in martial arts for 31 years and always searched the best solutions. I started my own tactical system 2004.

I start courses on request and design the length of the training depending on your needs and I always use intensive training and learn you to be self-going. I also offer to be your problem solver if you get stuck in your problem solving.
I travel all over the world to educate in your country or field environment, basic language is English but off course this can always be solved.

Everyone need to do a criminal background check.

Send a request to on your individual needs and your profession and team wishes and I will design a unique course after that. Off course I also answer questions about the All in one Defensive Tactics system.

Best regards Robert Pasquini the founder of All in one Defensive Tactics


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