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I love training, strength and Hand to hand combat so after 19 years of training martial arts and hand to hand combat (totally 31 years of experience) I started to develop a new system Called All in one Defensive Tactics or A.D.T. Because of my profession for 26 years I always strived to train and find the best system for real life situations and not competition or show off. The main thought is as the name says All under the same roof, you can train all type of techniques but off course I have one Idea how each technique is supposed to be performed. One important thing about when I created All in one Defensive Tactics is that it is not just a hand to hand combat system it is all from the unarmed combat or armed and to be able to know when to send in the airstrike, it is an all warfare system. The main idea I had was just to keep the same tempo and movements and keep the same tactical thinking all the way trough. For me it is the same if you use unarmed self-defence or put a weapon in your hand, or need to call in some assistance it comes down when and how to use force in the correct moment. Even everything in my own designed logo have a meaning behind all from the colours to text and the coat of arms.

Since I encountered Krav Maga I like the quickness and explosive part of the training. Another thing is that I want that the technique should be easy to perform, and another demand is off course that it should be effective and tactical right, depending on the situation you encounter on the street. One opponent? multiple? armed? etc. I started to train Tae Kwon Do, Thai Boxing, Kung Fu, and Ju Jutsu before I started to train Krav Maga. But after I started to train Krav Maga I still trained other styles as Judo, Boxing, Shoot fighting, Vale Tudo etc. The good thing to be one of the pioneers of a system, as when I was one of the first Instructors in Krav Maga in Europe, is that you meet a lot of different styles and Instructors from other systems so you got a lot of friends in the martial art world, so you exchange experience.

The main Idea I had was that if I trained a Judo technique which was developed for competing I changed the pace to be more adapted for real life scenarios. For example, I like to wrestle on the ground, but I added also when you are on the ground it should be natural to throw punches knees elbows kicks, head butts, bite, fingers in eyes, crush testicles etc. Same as it is when you are standing with the opponent, it is very important to have the balance like a wrestler to be able to be effective and off course the strength and stamina to stand out a fight over time. When I started to train it was before the breakthrough of the modern way to train MMA etc. You still trained techniques but less sparring and very little matched different styles. If you trained one style, the Instructor told you that this was the most effective and that’s it!

If you for example train stamina like MMA wrestling in let say rounds for 10 * 10 min, but in the street, you must make the fight quick otherwise the judge won’t stop the fight, the reality will! So, on the street you also have the time as an enemy, and this is even more important if the attackers are multiple or armed etc. But on the other hand, as I use to say, the opponent is unlikely a black belt attacking you in minimal shorts and ready for what shall encounter him. You can use many unexpected tactics from your surroundings, as would be impossible for example in a competition fight like MMA etc.

The system A.D.T is easy but still you need to train hard and prepare yourself mentally. But still there are many techniques to train on! You need to prepare yourself in all range fighting, against armed assaults, different environments etc. And this put higher demands on the techniques and the tactical movements to be easy to adept for the human nervous system. As I describe in my theoretical seminar, which I always start my education in A.D.T, before we start to be physical.

Since I been and are in the security business and train regularly people in the security branch, and military forces, law enforcement, one of my main goals was to put in all needs in the system A.D.T. If you blocked a knife or protect your pistol from being grabbed and at the same time fight and create distance for your weapon in service, it needs to be the same ground motions. Then you can build in the system to be more adapted for the human nervous system. For an example when I teach security officers who have an expandable baton I always push on the issue that it is an extended tool and should work as an extended arm etc, not as an alien object for the body. More important don’t focus on the weapons you are carrying, they are just an extra tool in the toolbox where your own body is the main weapon. If you are not comfortable in non-armed situation, how could you bee comfortable if you wear a weapon? Off course you will then think that the weapon you carry will solve all your problems. What will happen when and if you lose the weapon? Will you freeze? Can you still fight? Take it back? Or even better prevent the situation so you never lose it? Or even better don’t need to use it. All this work must happen in extremely short time and make demands on how you prepare yourself mentally and physically.

So, for an example, the techniques have to follow the same pattern, otherwise you will more often fail. If you defend yourself against an assault with knife it can’t be so different from punching somebody who want to take your pistol and create yourself distance too use it or go down in a ground fight and fight your way out. The main idea is to use similar movements and pace, so all the exercises will be recognized in an instinctive action at the assault. And as I teach when you train for action don’t always stand in the best fighting pose, you need to prepare yourself for worst, because that is the reality otherwise you need to walk around in your fighting pose all the time, and you will be arrested and taken to a mentally hospital instead 😱

So, for another example, I’ve been working as a security officer in nightclubs hotels etc, and for that we have the license to carry and use the ASP expandable baton in Sweden. This not only creates a security for you it also creates a responsibility. What will happen if you lose it? Can you solve everything with it? And can you always take it up when you feel threatened? The answer is not! So, you must see the expandable baton as an extended tool for your body. If you lose it you still have the brain and engine left, and if you sometimes need to use it dont break down mentally if it doesn’t always solve your problem. Always stay up in your mind and think, ok for this mission I carry a bullet-proof west, and maybe knife gloves. How can that help me in a dangerous situation? Maybe I can use the bulletproof west in some way instead of just stopping bullets etc.

Does it sound much or hard? It could be, so therefore it is important to keep it easy (K.I.S.S) and not seek the hardest way, because then you will grow old with a lot of grey hair and still not successful, or worse dead.

Ok now I gave you some ideas what my systems goal is. On the one hand serious but on the other hand much fun to! And I love to train with kettlebell and other functional training system. Since I discovered the importance and advantage of a good crushing grip to add to your training (thanks to a Swedish friend who showed me his 16kg KB in the garage) I was amused which difference it makes in controlling your opponent and how better your hands can listen for changes in the fighting.

I will put in some pictures in further articles and explain some ideas that we use in training, booth strength and pure fighting training. Off course the techniques don’t need to be new all the time why invent the wheel over and over again. For example, the wheel is the same today, as it was when it was made of wood. But it is developed over time to handle speed on an F1 car over extreme speed on the track. So, use the knowledge other encounter but use it to create training for your needs and development demands.

By Robert,  founder of All in one Defensive Tactics


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