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Special Course Price offer:

Price only 150 Euro, 1500 kr. Normal price 220 Euro, 2200 kr.

Content of the All in one Defensive Tactics course:

• 3 h theory lecture. I always start my courses with a theory lecture as I developed. This program is preparing you to maximum the memorization and learning during intensive courses. Intensive courses are always the best choice for professionals who need it in the line of work. I will explain more about this during the theory lecture.
• 2 days, 6 h each day effective and intensive training in all range tactics for real life scenarios.
• Best fighting stance for real life scenarios.
• Standing attacks and principles.
• Blocking system for standing attacks.
• Preparing for fighting on the ground and principles for ground fighting for real life scenarios, sweeps and throws for real life scenario and how to end the fight directly with those techniques in real life. Also, how you need to adapt the technique if you work as a professional to not make too much damage.
• Understanding anti grappling.
• Understanding and train on the difference on armed and non-armed situations.
• Basic anti knife techniques, learn basic knowledge about my developed system to survive a knife attack.
• Use the baton against sharp objects and also basic knowledge how to use common objects against different scenarios to survive extreme situations.
• Tactical scenarios how to control and arrest people.
• Learn how to work in team, 2 up to 5 or more to increase the effectiveness to extreme levels.
• If time is available, I will put in as much knowledge as possible for a two-day course and you will have a good understanding about the systems principles.

And the best with this course now is that I added the new legal pepper spray with the smart combo function with up to 6 functions.

Contact as usual at info@adttactics.com.

Best Regards Robert the founder of the system.


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